Resinous Flooring

Resinous Flooring

Service Overview

We provide our clients with all the range of services for Resinous Flooring applications. At Special Order Solutions we are expert epoxy flooring contractors and have the equipment and the experience to make your next flooring project a success.

We then evaluate existing conditions both on and below the surface of your floor. Special Orders Solutions is a skilled and experienced epoxy flooring applications and will work in condition with national manufacturers to recommend  specifications, that performs to your expectations and works within your budget.  

All you need to do is contact our representative via phone or email and describe what is your issue. We will consult you and provide with the list of works that will need to be done. Our expert will visit you at the most convenient time for you.

We provide all the materials.  Our manager will answer all your questions. Special Order Solutions guarantees quality of work. We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level of quality as we understand people value their time and money.

Some of the flooring systems we offer:

Epoxy Self Leveling Floors Systems

Epoxy Mortars and Slurry Floors Systems

Epoxy Flakes and Quarts Floor Systems 

Urethane Floor Systems 

Polispartyc Floor Systems 

Urethane Cements Floor Systems 

UV Cure Coating Systems with Antibacterial Properties

Polish Concrete Floor Systems 

Please contact us for further details!